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camper Trailers

Taurus Impact Camper Trailers

Taurus Impact camper trailers are manufactured from our own designs at our workshop in Almería, Spain with attention to detail, quality and comfortability. They come with 100% legal Spanish paperwork and can be delivered all over Europe. They are handmade and therefore every one of them is a unique "piece of art" so to say, and can be adapted to your personal preferences and needs.

The Taurus Impact Xplorer-200 camper trailer for example, is your perfect companion if you are looking for a comfortable way of taking your loved ones out in the "wild", an outdoor adventure or just for a fun family trip! It’s sturdy and reliable.

If on the other hand you are looking for a more affordable lightweight camper trailer and have no need of all the extras, then you can choose the Taurus Impact Ocio-150. The Ocio-150 is slightly smaller than the Xplorer-200 and is built with less expensive and lighter materials as well as less sophisticated parts and accessories.


All you need

Taurus Impact trailers are made from very resistant, strong steel and high quality aluminum finish. They are completely insulated against the heat and cold and water proof.

Our trailers are setup with all the right equipment such as a sink, small camping gas stove, water deposit, etc, in short, everything you need for your outdoor adventures or travels.

We can match the color of the trailer to your vehicle, or you can pick any color (RAL) you want.

The trailer comes with a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Extra accessories carry the specific manufacturer’s warranty.


the right stuff


The Xplorer-200 is completely equipped with roof top tent, awning, compressor fridge, kitchen sink, water deposit with heater, camping gas stove, DC outlets, power inverter, solar panel, etc.

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