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4x4 Trailers

Taurus Impact 4x4 Trailers

The light weight Taurus Impact Adventure trailer® is your perfect companion if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable way of taking your family and friends out in the "wild", or just for a short fun trip or a real outdoor adventure! It’s sturdy and strong, reliable and stable on both road and off-road tracks.

Taurus Impact Off Road Camper trailers are manufactured from our own designs at our workshop in Almería, Spain with attention to detail, quality and comfortability. They come with 100% legal Spanish paperwork and can be delivered all over Europe.

If you are looking for a small, reliable and useful trailer, consider the Taurus Impact Xplorer-100. It is a quality product, also manufactured from our own designs, and… not expensive! You can have one from 5,800€*.


With You Wherever

Taurus Impact Trailers go Wherever you go

The trailer can be setup with all the right equipment you would like to have for your outdoor adventures or travels.

Taurus Impact trailers are made from very resistant, strong steel and high quality aluminum finish.

The Trailer comes with separate storage units and custom internal shelving but we can also provide your trailer completely equipped with a roof top tent, awning, sliding shelves for a fridge, kitchen sink, all made in resistant, lightweight aluminum. A 12V battery and complete solar-charge system kit can also be fitted if desired. Check our prices on the PRODUCT page.

The trailer comes in 3 different colours to choose from, but we can also match the color of the trailer to your vehicle.

The trailer comes with a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Extra accessories carry the specific manufacturer’s warranty.

*Price for a Standard Xplorer-100 Trailer with storage compartments, no accessories fitted.